Projects Galore

Hi there,

If you're reading this, thank you for taking an extra click to view these links that haven't made it onto my main portfolio page. Each of these links showcases a technical project that was completed sometime after Summer 2014. I'm currently in the process or reimagining how exactly to organize a repository for my work, but this seems like a pretty good place to start! [Winter 2016]

Recently selected as one of 8 teams into Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad course. Our team will be working on market fit and rapidly iterating on prototypes for an idea we will be working on throughout Winter 2016!

TreeHacks Health [Fall-Winter 2015-16]

I lead a team of 6 currently building a vertical of TreeHacks that will allow student hackers to focus on and explore issues in health and healthcare. We've launched an Ideation Challenge to source needs and released our vision statement as we continue to prepare for TreeHacks in Feburary 2016.

CS92SI [Fall 2015]

Co-instructed a class teaching the Python programming language at an introductory level. I wrote several assignments and labs for the class and facilitated grading and other administrative details.

HOPE [Fall 2015]

Worked in a team of 5 over the course of MS&E 177 to brainstorm, needfind, prototype, and pitch a solution to the prompt: "How might we help former inmates become the individuals they hope to be?" Our final project presentation is here.

Robot Tag [Fall 2015]

Working in a team of 2 for the CS123 Final Project, I co-developed a finite state machine to direct a group of KR8 Robots to play the game of tag. We implemented basic localization, modeling, and path-finding to start the game and coordinated multiple threads to track time-based collision detection. The full project proposal is outlined here.

Impact [Fall 2015]

Built in 24 hours at YHacks - an Android application to empower people to go from issues they care about to taking political action on them by contacting their local legislators based on how they voted on particular issues. The app leveraged Retrofit and FiscalNote's API.

Olive Health [Summer 2015]

Developed an MVP that leverages to power an iOS client. Demo here.

Muvr Labs [Summer 2015]

Built out and prototyped a mobile app that pairs with a hardware device on the knee for reconstructive knee surgery patients. The iOS app uses Parse for a Backend and the core bluetooth modules to connect with the hardware devices.
(sorry nothing's public yet...demos to come...)

Get Connected [Summer 2015]

Hacked up an Ionic project that facilitates professional networking and helps people make notes of conversations and brings up interesting talking points in a timely manner.

Equations [Summer 2015]

Built an iOS port of a creative mathematics games that encourages players to think critically and broadly about mathematical design. See Github link for screenshots.

Khan Academy Mobile Scratchpad Player [Summer 2015]

Worked on an Ionic project to bring CS scratchpads to the mobile world for students! Open sourced on the Khan Academy Github page :)

Khan Lab School Barcode Scanner [Summer 2015]

Did some front-end work for this barcode scanner that facilitates attendance taking at the Khan Lab School.

CS106A TA [Summer 2015]

Taught a summer session of CS 106A. You can see live snippets of the code we wrote together as a section at the link above.

SentenceRacer [Spring 2015]

Built a gamification to collect full sentence annotation partly in collaboration with VisualGenome

Also put together a paper describing our findings.

Conduit [Spring 2015]

Deployed an app to help Electric Vehicle owners resolve charge rage by communicating more effectively which each other. Available onto the app store: App Store Page. Blog.

PT Helper [Spring 2015]

This app won Best iOS app in the course (described below) and $5k. The application virtualized the Physical Therapist + Patient experience through a daily workout routine complete with videos and detailed instructions. Also featured a physician facing interface to track patient progress and add more exercises/goals for the patients themselves.

CodePath Course [Spring 2015]

Was accepted into the first course that CodePath taught at Stanford to learn Swift and iOS in 6 weeks. Completed several assignments: Twitter, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, FB Messenger.

VisualGenome [Winter 2015]

Designed turker hits and performed a good deal of front-end work for the project. Also created the above landing page.

Quizzer [Winter 2015]

Built a Java web application that allowed for quiz taking online. Received a 128% on the project due to additional features that were added for extra credit.

CS106B TA [Winter 2015]

Taught a winter section of CS 106B. Snippets of code we wrote that quarter is on the above website.

CS181W Final Project [Winter 2015]

Gave a final presentation and created a website for our CS181W final project on Internet Vigilantism.

Snappo [Winter 2015]

Built an iOS wrapper app (really a node.js app) that's essentially YikYak for selfies. Finished under 48 hours at PennApps Winter 2015.

Callback Newsfeed [Fall 2014]

Designed the following assignment for students in CS 42 (Contemporary JavaScript).