developer, designer, teacher, student.

I love starting, planning, and designing new things. I'm constantly working on new ways to reimagine the old by taking inspiration from everything around me.

Originally from the DC metropolitan area, I'm currently a master's student at Stanford studying Computer Science. I'm passionate about applying technology to healthcare and education, and care deeply about making the world a better place.


Fall 2012

Coursework: Math 51, Chem 31X, Intro to American Law, and Chem 25N.

Joined Everyday People Acappella as a Tenor, AASA as Frosh intern, and was a part of Freshman Dorm Government as Co-President


Winter 2013

Coursework: CS 103, CS106B, PHYS 41/42, Thinking Matters (How does your Brain work?)

Mentored high school students as an AAWP Mentor


Spring 2013

Coursework: CS106L, CS 107, PWR (The Art of Choosing), CHEM 33

Became a tutor @Cardinal Scholars, joined SSSCR (now defunct) as a core member


Summer 2013

Went back home to the DMV to work on HIV-1 Vaccine Design in Dr. Peter Kwong's Lab at the Vaccine Research Center/NIH

Took Google's online course on Python, and became a top CS tutor on InstaEDU


Fall 2013

Coursework: CS 274, BIO 41, CHEM 35, CHEM 36

Joined EP for a second year, also joined the SSB Business Development Team


Winter 2014

Coursework: CS 109, CS 142, BIO 42, CHEM 130, CHEM 131, CS 9

Joined Dr. Howard Chang's lab to work under the direction of Dr. Robert Spitale and PhD/MD student Ryan Flynn. Started work on a project to characterize RNA-protein interactions.


Spring 2014

Coursework: CS 110, CS 198, CS547, CS 99SI, PHYS 43/44, PWR 2 (Science, Democracy, Social Media)

Joined the CS198 Program as a Section Leader, built landing page for pillist and the SSB Conference Site


Summer 2014

Worked at GoDaddy over the summer on their Online Store Product under the Presence & Commerce Division

TA-ed CS106A as a summer section leader, and started laying the groundwork for health++ and TreeHacks


Fall 2014

Coursework: CS 221, CS 147, EE 40M, MS&E 472, MS&E 178

Joined Serra's dorm staff as an RCC! Coursehelper for CS 106B and CA for CS 42.

Built she says at Dubhacks.


Winter 2015

Coursework: CS 210A, CS 199, ME 104B, CS 108, CS 181W

Became a CS 198 Small Group Leader, led sponsor relations for TreeHacks

Worked in collaboration with Dr. Michael Bernstein and Dr. Fei-Fei Li on VisualGenome


Spring 2015

Coursework: CS 161, CS 210B, CS 199P, BIOMEDIN 206, CS376, MUSIC 18B

Small Group Leader for CS198, CA for CS 42. Planning for CS 92SI (hap.py coder).

Took CodePath's inaugural iOS Bootcamp at Stanford and won Best iOS app for a mobile application that virtualizes the Physical Therapist-Patient interaction.

Built SentenceRacer and submitted to UIST 2015.


Summer 2015

Worked as a mobile intern for Khan Academy

Backend/iOS engineer for muvr labs, and started Olive Health.


Fall 2015

Coursework: FRENLANG 60D, MS&E 273, CS 157, BIOE 273

Joining the Casa Italiana Staff as an RCC. Working on TreeHacks Health and SHIFT


Future and Beyond

Musings from an ME104B assignment for what the next couple years might entail!

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She Says

Full-stack Development


Mobile Development

AI agent for Settlers of Catan



Full-stack Development

Get Matched

Full-stack Development


Full-stack Development

SSB Conference Site

Web Design, Branding

Premed APAMSA Site

Web Design, Branding

I love teaching because how it's challenged me continously to develop a growth mindset. I firmly believe that teaching truly is the highest form of understanding, and have the utmost respect for people that accept it as their calling.

As I've tried to live up to the amazing teachers that have inspired me throughout my life, here are some of the opportunitites I've had to share and learn with students:

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